Taiga Biome

Area of the world where it is found:Central Canada,Europe,and Asia
Climate Range:The Taiga has long cold wintersthat last up to six months and short summers-which means that they have 50 to100 frost-free days.
Percipitation/Rainfall amount averages:The climate recieves 15 to 20 inches of rain,but has a low evaporation rate this makes the climate humid.
Animal Life:
-The Gray Wolf
-The Canadian Lynx
-The Bald Eagle
Plant Life:
-Black Spruce
-Douglas Fir
-Jack Pine
Why it would be a great place to visit:
To me the Taiga would be a great place to visit because of it's natural beauty.The peaceful sight of the pine trees and wild life would cause anyone to stop in awe.Yes,it may be cool,but the cool gives you a good excuse to cuddle up a loved one.Also as a bonus you would get a chance to se animals that you don't normally see in Georgia.Think about it;when was the last time that you've looked out your bace window and seen a moose.Vitis the Taiga,BEAUTY AWAITS YOU!!!!!!!!!!